United Allergy Services (UAS) brings effective and convenient allergy testing and immunotherapy to primary care providers; pulmonologists; ENT providers; dermatologists; pediatricians; internal medicine providers; and healthcare systems that treat the vast majority of patients with seasonal and perennial allergies. UAS’ complete service line features in-office UAS Certified Clinical Allergy Technician/Specialist (CAT/CAS) staffing and training; quality assurance and compliance; and supply and inventory management. On a day-to-day basis, a UAS CAT/CAS will remain under the provider’s direct supervision to test, analyze and perform dilutions for immunotherapy treatments. The provider educates patients on the therapy and results. They then use UAS proprietary protocols to provide a customized treatment program with the best individual patient treatment outcomes. UAS provides all testing and therapy supplies and necessary education materials with minimal out-of-pocket or start-up cost to the practice. Ask us for the implementation chart on how we prepare your practice for allergy testing and IT treatment.

Certified Clinical Allergy Technician/Specialist Qualifications

We have built the only national certification in the allergy testing and immunotherapy industry. We partner with the credentialing department of the University of the Incarnate Word in San Antonio, Texas to verify recruiting and training methods and ensure that they meet the highest standards. UIW is an accredited university, nationally recognized for its healthcare degree programs and certifications.

  • CAT/CAS staff complete 125 hours of training:
  • 45 hours of classroom training resulting in USP 797 qualification
  • 40 hours of implementation training
  • 40 hours of additional training that includes shadowing, OSHA training and corporate sessions

University of the Incarnate Word


Each practice will be supported by a full team of UAS professionals that includes:


Every practice has a dedicated account manager who oversees the daily operations of the Allergy Center and is the main point of contact. In addition, the Operations Implementation Team is on site during the first week of allergy services to ensure a successful start-up of the service line.

Quality assurance

At least once a year, a highly trained QA professional assesses every detail of the allergy center to ensure the highest standards of care and protocols are being met. A comprehensive medical records review process ensure providers document for services and assists in the records review.


The Compliance department ensures that the company is responsible for keeping in full compliance with laws and regulations.


Every practice has access to a dedicated team to assist with payer relations and reimbursement matters. Supporting our customers in this way is important in a constantly evolving health care environment.

Clinical Training

A dedicated team provides education and ongoing learning tools to the providers and practices on allergies and the United Allergy Services Allergy Center.

Patient Education

Every practice has access to resources to develop marketing tools to suit individual practice needs including direct mail to current patients and the surrounding community, advertising, patient education and more.

Chief Medical Board Officer and Scientific Medical Advisory Board

All protocols have been reviewed by the Chief Medical Officer and Scientific Medical Advisory Board based on evidence-based medicine and current literature.


The Clinical Department consists of the Chief Medical Officer, an allergy consultant and a clinical research coordinator. The Department reviews and advises on clinical cases, has published numerous peer reviewed abstracts, reviews and updates protocols and conducts research on skin testing as well as immunotherapy. The Clinical Department insures the safety and efficacy of all United Allergy Services protocols. It also provides all clinical allergy and immunology related training.