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  • “I have had allergy testing in the past, but was told my reactions were not severe enough to warrant treatment. Now that I have been tested again, I am pleased that someone finally understands that my allergy symptoms (which are almost year round) need to be addressed. I am very thankful to my doctor for testing me.”   – Patient, Asheville, NC
  • “Although I was a bit worried about starting treatment in the spring. I have been amazed with the results already. And I love getting treatment through my physician’s office where I know everyone and am known!” -Patient, Atlanta, GA
  • “With the allergy treatment, I am a new person – no more feeling bad, clogged head, runny nose, stuffy sinuses. Now I can breathe and get back to my old self!” -Patient, Mountain Head, AR
  • “I have not suffered from an allergy attack in more than a year. Since beginning immunotherapy I’ve been able to play with my dogs and not suffer any adverse effects. It has changed my life! It has freed me from the confines of my home and the need for medications.”   – Patient, San Antonio, TX
  • “I am an archaeologist and frequently work outdoors. I can tell a significant difference in how I feel during the height of allergy season. I have less congestion, sneezing, headaches and sore throats. I only wish I started immunotherapy sooner! I am very thankful this is offered at the same location where my primary care physician is located. It is very convenient.”   – Patient, Berlin, NJ

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